Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don't worry you five faithful scumfans out there, there's a new Scumdays in the works, a combination of adult activities/responsibilities, the weather, and sleep deprivation have kept skating to a minimum. Things are about to change, days are getting longer, and Portland finally has a rainy day skate option again. Until the new Scumdays drops, here's some videos to keep you entertained in the meanwhile.

My good friend Howie just recently embarked on a year long work trip to Qatar. I'm not exactly sure where Qatar is, but I know it is in the middle east and is very far away from the Beaverton skatepark, which I know Howie loves dearly. Last Saturday was the first dry day that I had free to skate, so I ventured out to my old stomping grounds TRON, and filmed a little montage with the Locs for Howie, enjoy.

This video is a little Montage that I put together of the final days of Hasbeen Design Company's Couch Street studio. We collaborated with our friend Jessica and threw an epic concert for the ages. There were two stages that were spread out between three floors. We sandwiched the neighbors that have hated us for so long with Rock and Roll, until it drove her in to a psychotic rage. Any who, here's some moments I managed to capture throughout all the madness. Thanks to Riot Siren the Quiet Collector and the lovely ladies of The Mighty Market for bringing their homemade wears to the show, and special thanks to all the bands that played; The Dirty Digits, The Empty, Gorilla Monsoon, Red Fang, and Fist Fight. One more special thanks goes out to Frank the security guard that our property management company hired, thank you for keeping us in line and out of jail. So this concludes the Couch Street chapter of Hasbeen Design, late nights at The B-side, Rontoms, and Sizzle Pie will be less frequent, but you know we'll still be lurking around the belly of Beastside.

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