Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scumdays 25!!!!!! Trilogy!!!!!!

Too much scummage for one video. I can't believe that there are 25 episodes of Scumdays. Thanks to the few Hardcore Scumdays followers that gave me shit for not posting for so long. I hope you all have enjoyed watching little clips of the last couple years of my life.
This is a compilation of the last few months of my scummy days, I hope you all enjoy. Sorry it took so long. Weather, injuries, motivation, getting old, and extracurricular grown up activities have delayed the release of this episode. Keep your eyes peeled the Scumdays limited edition DVD will be dropping soon, with episodes 1-25, plus tons of bonus features.

scumdays installment 25 part 1
featuring; X James Mccoy
the evolution of the railyard,
lurkerhurst park scumbombing,
musical cameos by:
Ghost Alien
All The Apparatus
and more...

scumdays 25 part 2
Sassparilla happy hour,
hitting the streets with the former railyard steve between spring showers,
seeking refuge at the railyard,
rained out in south eugene,
and the mini ramp without coping
Todd gets inverted.

here comes scummer days,
one night at Sasquatch,
hiding out at Commonwealth,
The railyard opening,
scumming along the bike path to Washington,
the mystical ledge off airport way,
100% pier scum,
thanks to the Honeycuts,
Karaoke shitshow at 15 cents,
lost at Gabriel Park,
getting in the way at Benedict Park,
scumming around at Goonside aka Buckman school

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