Monday, December 27, 2010


These shirts that I designed for Sublimity Snow and Skate are in the shop now. The silhouette is of my good friend Colleen, so if you see her on the slopes or in Japan let her know that she is a pseudo-celebrity. Support local board shops. Go get yours today! Visit the lovely folks of Sublimity at:

Sublimity Snow and Skate
12404 SW Broadway St.
Beaverton, OR. 97005

sublimity snow and skate


Hey friends, check out this board that I did for Sublimity Snow and Skate in Beaverton Oregon. It's actually a silhouette of me, so every time you see someone with one of these decks you all can think of me. Go down to Sublimity and get one of your very own today. (There are also beautiful t-shirts with the same graphic available.)

Sublimity Snow and Skate
12404 SW Broadway St. Beaverton, OR. 97005

sublimity snow and skate

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Scumdays 22

Scumming from the tail end of summer to the beginning of winter,
Windells scummage,
Ramp Poaching at The Ski Fever expo,
trying to keep it scummy in the streets between storms and floods.
Musical cameos by; The Black Keys, Phantogram, Belle & Sebastian, and The Empty
also including;
Behind The Scenes, The Making and destruction of "Scumcity"
Hasbeen Design's "Nightmare on Couch Street"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hey friends, We know it's short notice, but our building is getting torn down and we're out on the streets in two months. To kick in the holidays were having a Holiday Celebration to honor the last Hasbeen Christmas on Couch Street.
There will be a collection of artwork on skateboards (Deck The Walls II) from a small handful of local artists, some door prizes, refreshments, and more. Please join us in what will probably be a string of epic parties that may or may not demolish the building before any bulldozers arrive. We hope to see you and yours on Saturday evening (December 18th). Come tie a few off with us, the madness starts at 6pm.

P.S. To the 5 people that actually watch Scumdays, I am still skating, sitting on a some of footage, just been too busy with life, moving, work, family and things. I'll try to get an episode out before Christmas.