Tuesday, November 9, 2010

some random coverage

I was at a random snowboard video premier this weekend at Windell's Skate and Snowboard camp. For those of you that don't know Windell's is the funnest place on earth. Skate obstacles and parks all over the Mt. Hood foothills, an indoor park, littered with trampolines, a foam pit, and an extra long mini ramp with something for skaters of all levels. I love snowboarding, but I have a strong dislike for the industry, this same attitude can be said about snowboard videos. There is just always way too much slow motion and way too much dance music. These generalizations were all true about the Pirate video. To top off the excess of slow motion, each video part had a pirate themed introduction skit along with props. Long story short, I fell asleep on a hubba ledge during the video, as soon as the product toss was said and done and the house lights were back on, I went straight for the mini-ramp. Check out some photos of me scumming around the premier at:

Yo Beat

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